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As a truly multidisciplinary cosmetic surgery center within world-class, integrating health care delivery system, we strive to combine broad-based, innovative approaches with high-quality patient care.

Our hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and skin care team is comprised of experienced health care professionals – including hair restauration specialists, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgery specialist, dermatologists, cosmetic dental experts and support staff – who are at the ready to help you realise all your appearance goals.

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Hair Transplantation

Nowadays, one of the most common cosmetic problems is hair loss.

Rhinoplasty Operation

Human beings have been in pursuit of beauty, since the day they have been created.

Breast Augmentation Operation

Almost all patients applying for breast augmentation operation use the same common sentence; “I no longer want to use a push-up bra.”

Tummy Tuck Operation

Rapid weight loss in a short period in cases such as pregnancy, repetitive weight gain-loss, after obesity surgery,


Stubborn fat remaining in some regions despite weight loss is a condition that we experience ourselves or see in people around us.

Zirconium Crowns

If you are interested in having Zirconium Crowns, please get in touch by emailing us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is aesthetic surgery? What is reconstruction surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is a shape correction surgery. In other words, it is changing the shape and/or dimensions of the damaged tissues and organs according to the patient’s taste and ideal anatomical measurements. Example: Augmentation of a small breast with a silicone prosthesis. Reconstructive surgery is a repair surgery. It is the reformation of organs, which are congenitally deficient or defected or have destroyed or deformed as a result of accident, burn, tumour surgery. Example: Reconstruction of the breast removed as a result of cancer.

One of the questions asked by the people, who desire to have a more beautiful appearance of his/her body, is the price. For example: “How much is a rhinoplasty operation?” As you can imagine, there is no single answer to this question. The operation prices vary according to the patient’s anatomy as well as many other conditions such as the operation method to be used. Therefore, the first thing you should ask a doctor who is competent in his work should not be the price of the operation.

The risks of aesthetic operations are risks that may arise from the general health problems of the person as well as all other surgical procedures. Apart from this, there are no hazards associated with aesthetic operations. Since aesthetic operation does not involve vital organs and tissues, risking the patient’s health or life is not a matter of concern.

Many aesthetic operations are not painful because they involve in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it takes 1-2 days to disappear and it can be easily controlled with painkillers within this period. In operations involving muscles, for example, breast prosthesis operations, pain and tension sensations may last a little longer.

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